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“To have this level of expertise advising us is incredible, and it would have been impossible to find them without AdvisoryCloud. I’m really looking forward to watching this advisory board and my executive team collaborate and drive BuiltSpace to further succeed and grow.”

Rick Rolston

Founder & CEO


How It Works

Learn how AdvisoryCloud works and see how an advisor profile can connect you with advisory work from inside and outside of your existing professional network. 

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Your digital storefront to attract, monetize, and manage advisory work.

Make the most out of your experience by offering paid advisory services with an Advisor Profile.




Digital storefront on custom URL

Payment and Booking Functionality

Marketing and Blogging Tools

Showcase your expertise, build your brand as an advisor, and receive advisor inquiries through your own personal link.

With your advisor profile established, any company or executive in the world can hire you for advisory work directly through your profile.

Leverage our tools and resources to connect to your networks and turn regular business interactions into advisory work.

Direct your existing networks to your profile through our marketing and publishing tools.

Leverage our marketing tools to connect your profile to your existing network, publish to your audience, and drive traffic to your profile.



Access new monthly workshops with live support from our team.

Join fellow members each month for online workshops that help you have success as an advisor.



Let the world know you’re available for advisory work

One-on-One Phone Meetings

Work with companies and executives seeking your advice through virtual meetings billed at your hourly rate.

Project Based Advisory

Work with companies and executives as an advisor in our project based format with pre-defined requirements and budgets.

Advisory Board Positions

Working in the meeting and project format with a companies can turn into more formal board positions.

Mentorship For Rising Executives

Work with rising executives who are interested in having a mentor to guide them through their career.

Start Ups and Early Ventures

Work with early stage startups as an advisor where you can make a big impact and potentially earn equity.

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Hear from our successful advisors and companies leveraging AdvisoryCloud.

“I applaud AdvisoryCloud’s effort to disrupt an industry that’s been dependent on ‘word-of-mouth’ and ‘who-you-know’. The platform works well and seems to attract a good set of advisory board opportunities. In my first seven months, I was invited onto an advisory board.” 

Mary McDougall

Former President and CEO

AdvisoryCloud Customer Testimonials

Melissa Kargiannakis

Founder and CEO

Heuristext Inc.

“AdvisoryCloud gave us access to dozens of precisely matched and brilliantly qualified professionals I never would have otherwise found. I signed up on a Sunday and by Wednesday had interviewed and sent a letter of offer to the successful candidate. Talk about high-quality service at lightning speed.”

Phil LaColla



“Many thanks to AdvisoryCloud for helping me find this distinguished group of board advisors. I would not have come across these individuals using my traditional network. I am already seeing how the knowledge value that each person brings to the table is positively impacting the company’s direction and growth.”

Cindy Engstrom

Founder and CEO 

Sircle Advertising

“AdvisoryCloud is the best resource available for access to high-caliber board candidates. We needed a very specific skill set and expertise for our company. AdvisoryCloud delivered well matched candidates quickly so that I could get back to growing our business.”

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